Indulgence is what Kokoo is all about. Soft and comforting and made only
from the best natural fibers. It is as much a caress as clothing.
Wearing a Kokoo sweater is like wearing a hug. It envelops your skin in soft,
elegant luxury, giving you a warm inner glow - the ultimate seduction for your skin.

Women's Collection FW 2013-14 Lookbook

Kokoo’s collection for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons featuring cashmere mix with fur, crystals, and silk for an exclusive touch of luxury, fashion, and warmth.

The new collection utilize cashmere yarn to it’s full extend, from fine gauge to hand crochet and hand-stitched embroideries; creating one of the most unique cashmere collection anyone can find in the market. Completed with a delicate combination of fur, crystals, and silk fabric, the designer pushed this cashmere collection to a whole new level.


Quality, Fine Fibers and Original Design Since 1976

We are dedicated to providing quality and excellence in everything we do. Our mission is to delight you, exceeding your expectations every step of the way with unique product, exceptional design and outstanding service. That's the Kokoo way.

Despite the astonishing growth in size and merchandise assortment, many things about us remain the same. We still have a passion for the finest fibers, a demand for the highest quality, and a sense of integrity that extends beyond the products to our outstanding customer service. We still conduct business from our headquarters in Paris, and we continue to set trends in the world of cashmere and fashion. No longer renowned simply for introducing cashmere to worldwide, today we’re known for our original designs, unique mix of products and refreshing point of view.


Kokoo is present in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and China.

The opening of our flagship stores in Bern and Amsterdam is an important step on our path towards further international expansion. As is the case with the existing shop-in-shops in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and China, the design of the flagship stores are of the highest possible quality. Wood and stone coloured with warm tints form the basis of the Kokoo style. From their first step inside the store, customers will be enveloped in the softest cashmere.

The atmosphere is spacious, soft and friendly, making a visit to the stores one of the utmost pleasure. Opening our own stores allows us to take softness to the next level, with our very own knitwear, luxury basics and an extensive range of cashmere accessories. Naturally, it is just the beginning…

Bern Store

Flagship Store

Bubenbergplatz 15

3001 Bern



Amsterdam Store

Flagship Store

Gelderlandplein 25

1082 KX Amsterdam







Cashmere goats make the softest sweaters in the world. During the spring they shed their winter coats, supplying us with our soft, cosy cardigans and sexy sweaters.


Coming all the way from Mongolia, our cashmere is certified and treated with the utmost care. We therefore guarantee that all our products are of the finest quality.


Cashmere gives you warmth and comfort without being restrictive. No hug could be more tender, no caress softer. Pure cashmere comfort cherishing you from head to toe.

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